According to the Social Media use, guidelines, and policy implications document, “authorization to present a social media account as an official university activity must come from the vice president with jurisdiction over one’s unit as well as the vice president for University Relations or his/her designee.” For instance, if you are part of an academic unit, the VP over your area is Provost Joe Glover in Academic Affairs.

The order of approvals is as follows (in order):

  1. Get approval from your Vice President, which is likely one of these areas:
  2. Review our social media guidelines.
  3. Fill out the UREL Approval Form below.

You must complete this form in order to start the University Relations approval process. Accounts submitted to this form without getting initial VP approval will not be processed.

Once your account has been completely approved, it will be officially recognized and listed in the UF Social Media Directory. All fields are required.

Please note: this process can take between two to four weeks to complete.

We will not be able to list social media accounts that have not gotten the appropriate authorization.

Do not promote social media accounts that have not been formally approved as approval is not guaranteed.

Form not showing up? Go here.